Thirteen housing Projects in train across Waterford

Dermot Keyes Reports

A total of 13 capital housing projects, and their current status levels, are detailed in Waterford City & County Council’s November Management Report.
The most significant of these projects accounts for 60 new dwellings at Slievekeale in the city, which is currently at appraisal stage.
This project will be include a Public Private Partnership (PPP) bundle, along with individual schemes which are currently awaiting approval from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government (DHPLG) before the Part 8 scheme is advertised.
Other Metropolitan Area developments outlined in the Report include:

* Carrickpherish (31 approved houses for a turnkey project, with construction imminent)
* Ardmore Park and Priory Lawn (Eight dwellings at appraisal stage)
* Gibbethill (Five approved houses, again a turnkey project, with construction in progress)
* Larchville (Five properties at tender preparation stage, with application due shortly)
* Doyle Street (Four houses at design stage for which the demolition works contract is under review)
* An Garrán, Tramore (32 homes at appraisal stage, with a design team appointed) and
* Patrick Street, Tramore (Where two residences are under construction).

The sole Comeragh District project referenced in the report is the long-awaited 12-house development at Coolfin in Portlaw, which is currently at design stage, for which tenders have been received and are currently under review.

Meanwhile, the report also refers to the following projects in the Dungarvan/Lismore District, namely:

* Kilrush (39 approved buildings for a turnkey project which is currently in construction)
* Ballinroad, Dungarvan (A 20 house approved Part 8 project for which tender drawings are being prepared)
* Cappoquin (Where four homes are under construction and ought to be completed before year’s end) and
* Tallow Almshouse (Which was at tender preparation stage when the Report was issued to Councillors at the November Plenary Meeting on November 9th)

The total number of builds across these 13 capital schemes across the city and county comes to 226.

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