A letter to Prime Minister David Cameron

Dear Sir,

I have put off writing this letter to you a thousand times, trying to forget about the entire issue. It won’t work. My conscience keeps prodding and tormenting me into making some effort, no matter how small.

I watched the expression on your face when you made the dramatic announcement that, in co-operation with NATO, you had agreed to the implementation of a No Fly Zone throughout Libya. Your expression was not of a composed man who had given a lot of thought to what you had decided on doing.

You were so sincerely concerned about protecting the citizens of Libya, who had rebelled against the ruling authority of Colonel Gaddafi, you agreed to invade the country. Your agreement was then expanded for your aircraft to drop bombs of depleted uranium on selected targets that included the home and compound of Colonel Gaddafi. Their accuracy was such the compound and home of Gaddafi was hit and destroyed. His son of 29 years, who apparently had no interest in politics or in ruling the country, was killed together with three children.

President Obama assured all that the bombing would continue and, as I write, twenty people were killed last night and one hundred wounded.

In my opinion, this behaviour was a blatant assassination attempt on Colonel Gaddafi. This would not have happened without your participation and your agreement, not only to a No Fly Zone, but to actually drop bombs on the homes of people whose only crime was to be living near the ruler.

The soldiers are obeying orders, just as all the fine young members of the British Army are doing in the fighting in Afghanistan. No civilised person in any part of the world would wish this dreadful death on any human being.

To me, you are an inexperienced fresh-man more interested in pleasing and gaining the approval and good favour of Barack Obama than a person who is genuinely concerned about the safety of ordinary citizens.

The whole world is looking on. People are not fooled into believing that your concern over Libya amounts to nothing more than a crude concoction of counterfeit concern.

Tony Blair convinced himself that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and, as a result, he marched shoulder to shoulder with George Bush into a disastrous, unjustified and un-necessary war that resulted in the death of thousands of people. What an awful legacy to leave, and to have on one’s conscience?

I believe that you rushed into taking sides in the Libya conflict without taking enough time to consider what the future holds for that nation.

It is now obvious that the USA is totally committed to ending Gaddafi Rule in Libya. It is a well established fact that, since 1971, Gaddafi has always maintained an anti Israel foreign policy. If Libya is reduced to rubble it will eliminate a strongly armed country from the Middle East.

I earnestly plead with you, Mr Cameron, to stop following the American politics of the gun. For God’s sake, please go back to politics of the tongue. Libya’s problems can be solved by a patient experienced and brilliant negotiator, without pre-conditions. Resorting to the gun is no solution. Northern Ireland has proved this. I ask you now to act as if you were Bill Clinton and lead the Mediterranean into peace, not into unending conflict and misery. Anyone can declare war but it takes a special man to make peace and an even greater one to keep it.

Yours sincerely,

Vincent O’Toole (84)

Maryland House

The Mall


Retired deep sea Master Mariner, Hotelier, Housing Estate Builder, successful Racehorse Breeder and Lover of Peace and Law and Order.

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2 Responses to “A letter to Prime Minister David Cameron”

  1. Paddy Murphy Says:

    A great man, Vincent.

  2. john bohill Says:

    A fine man who cares about people and may he live a long and fruitful life. He had an impact on my life as a young man.

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