Another blow to Crystal pensioners

Dear Sir,

At a time when the State is bordering on insolvency itself, it continues to pay exorbitant wages and pensions (sometimes in excess of what they earned at work) to an elite body of public servants who feathered their own nest through the excesses of the last government. That government had no difficulty in transferring pension liabilities of up to two billion for universities and Board na Mona to NTMA. This present government continues to follow the same path where money is borrowed to fund our banks and excessive government expenditure but continue to prevaricate on the legitimate claims of Waterford Crystal workers for implementation of European legislation re pensions and are forcing them through the courts. What utter hypocrisy. Not only have ex Waterford Crystal workers lost up to two-thirds of their pension, they now have to face the prospect of this government reducing the remaining assets by 0.6%! Thirty months after receivership, the crystal pension fund still awaits a sign-off on legislative pension changes that could improve their position. Is it too much to expect that with 3 government TDs in the constituency that some focus be applied for resolution of the Crystal pension situation? The people of this country voted for change and fairness by rejecting our last political masters. Are we now just going to have more of the same?

Liam Roche,

20 Glenville Park,


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