Cash For Gold’s worrying offshoot

Dear Sir,

With the ease that someone can sell unwanted gold to the various Cash for Gold shops I’m wondering if this has led to an increase in break-ins to houses around the city and county.

These shops advertise that they will buy gold items in any condition, broken chains, necklaces or fully intact items. The ease which gold can be sold to these shops must provide a lucrative avenue for criminals to get quick cash for their booty.

As I understand it there is no proof of ownership asked for or required when selling gold to these shops so therefore anyone can effectively sell any gold they want to these shops. The question has to be asked ‘what about security and proof of ownership’.

I’m also concerned about people being ‘ripped off’ when they bring in their own legitimately owned jewellery. How do they know they are getting full value for their money? I’d strongly advise people to get their gold valued by a reputable jeweller before going to one of these Cash for Gold shops.

I’m aware of a recent robbery in the Congress Place area where a large amount of jewellery along with cash was stolen from a house.

If it is so easy to go to one of these Cash for Gold shops anywhere in the country and sell ‘your gold’ for cash surely this must encourage criminals to steal gold items as they have a readymade outlet for their ill-gotten gains with no questions asked.

One must also ask how the Gardaí is dealing with this issue. Are they monitoring the situation closely?

I’m not against this type of business but I am calling for more regulation in this area to protect all concerned.

Joe Kelly

1 Hawthorn Grove


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