Educate Together in Tramore

Dear Sir,

As education proved to be a major election issue and in relation to your newspaper’s recent coverage of all established primary schools in Tramore, I would like to draw your readers attention to a campaign to establish an Educate Together Primary School in Tramore.

Educate Together is the patron body to Ireland’s multi-denominational schools. Established in 1978, it now has 58 national schools nationwide, all teaching the full national primary curriculum. We are committed to delivering an excellent education to children. Our schools are child-centered, learning communities where boys and girls learn together and parental involvement is encouraged. In an Educate Together school children are equally respected, regardless of social, cultural or religious background. They are encouraged to be active learning participants in the classroom and to contribute to school policies. This approach gives an excellent, rounded education, in an environment children will enjoy. It also nurtures their self-confidence to be active citizens in their communities. If you are considering an Educate Together school for your child and want to know more, please visit the Educate Together website

Educate Together Schools are fully recognised by the Irish Department of Education and Science and work under the same regulations and funding structures as other national schools.  However, they have a distinct ethos or governing spirit. To comply with the mandatory time schools have to spend on Religion, Educate Together have developed an ethical curriculum called Learn Together. This four-strand programme not only covers different belief systems but also has strands dealing with morality and spirituality, equality and justice and ethics and the environment. Where parents wish formal faith formation classes (eg preparation for First Communion etc) this is facilitated in the school building but after school hours.

Tramore Educate Together Start-Up Group is a group of parents and others who are dedicated to the establishment of an Educate Together Primary School in Tramore Town. In response to local interest Educate Together has submitted to the Department of Education, a notification of intent to open a Primary School in Tramore. Pre-enrolment is now open and parents can pre-enrol their children now online via our website

Yours Sincerely,

Declan Power


Tramore Educate Together Start Up Group

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