Gardaí stand between us and criminal classes

Dear Editor,

I must admit to my abhorrence at the recent charging of members of Waterford Gardaí when carrying out their lawful duties in tackling a man who urinated in public, a person who demonstrated his total contempt for the city’s law-abiding citizens.

Such a practice is filthy and is utterly repellent to the average citizen. The excuse of being drunk gave the man in question no right whatsoever to respond in an aggressive fashion to the Gardaí.

It seems to have eluded many peoples’ attention that the Garda’s primary role is to deal with ruffians who opt by their own volition to flout the law.

An Garda Síochána is not a wimpish grouping employed by the State to act as counsellors to those who choose to break the law.

The average officer is, as the demands of the job would suggest, of the Alpha variety, one who has to respond quickly and effectively to curb criminal intent.

Of course, how each officer responds can differ, but no one can dispute that there are times, incidents and individual actions which demand that a Garda conduct his/her duties with robust intent.

My advice to anyone dealing with an officer is as follows: Be polite – do that and you’ll have no problem with the Gardaí. Step over the line with them and you’ll face the consequences of that decision. You will reap what you sow.

For example, the non-aggressive stance taken by London police in the initial stages of those recent appalling riots did nothing for public confidence in their force on the other side of the Irish Sea.

It is my view that a silent majority of people extending well beyond Waterford were seething following the recent court decision. These silent masses have been muted by the oppression of the politically correct brigade that is at the heart of our national decision making process.

For me, the Gardaí are all that stand between us and the criminals, thugs and ruffians – but somewhere along the way, some ‘pillars of society’ appear to have lost sight of that.

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