Good customer service and why it’s not dead

The next best thing to excellent service is excellent staff with cop-on and initiative when confronted with a problem.

On Thursday last, my partner and I went to see ‘The King’s Speech’ in Storm Cinemas Waterford. The cinema was rather empty. After a while, we noticed an increasing chilliness in the room.

Both of us usually prefer a cooler environment but this was turning into quite an uncomfortable experience. Luckily, as cyclists, we had plenty of warm gear to keep the cold at bay; nevertheless, my feet felt frozen.

On our way out, I politely asked the manager if a ticket price of nearly €10 did not stretch to the provision of proper heating.

The young man looked positively stricken and asked to see our tickets. He briefly vanished, then returned with sincere apologies and handed us back the price of our tickets along with two complimentary tickets each.

This is how a potentially damaging situation can end up working to your advantage.

We left happy instead of disgruntled, we will tell everybody how civilly we were treated and we will be back soon, probably with friends and probably more often than we might have been otherwise (provided the heating issue get sorted, which we were assured it will). Good job all around.

Yours Faithfully,

P Kindler,

Ferrybank, Waterford.

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