HSE spin doctors

Dear Editor,

When the HSE closed St Bridget’s Ward in St Patrick’s Hospital, their spin doctors fell over themselves to reassure the Waterford gullible people that a new fifty bed state-of-the-art hospital was about to be built. I now would like to put the following four questions to those same pen-pushing supremos:

1. When is the building starting?

2. Where will it be?

3. Have you applied for planning permission?

4. Have you got the finance?

I will not hold my breath waiting for the answers. I doubt if they will even bother, after all the people of Waterford stand for nothing and fall for everything. The Tramore Railway? County and City Infirmary? Waterford Crystal? As for our politicians, there are not enough buses to hide behind when it comes to real local issues, they have been noticed by their absence. Thank God none of them will ever grow old and ill. Deputies, a few pious platitudes are no use to the people who are desperately waiting for a bed in St Pat’s.

By the way, there are now 20-30 beds empty in St Pat’s, no need to tell you what future St Pat’s has. The late Anna Manahan made a statement and repeated it emphatically. In this county if you are old and ill they want you dead. That guy Drumm who walked away with €500,000 in his back pocket, into his well-paid, well-heeled job, he won’t grow old either.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to people such as Davy Walsh of The Worker’s Party (pictured), Sean Brett, Ned Hartley and the other handful of people who are continuing the protest despite the indifference of the Waterford public, none of them of course, will grow old or will be ill.

Remember this – nursing homes are run for profit.

St Patrick’s is a geriatric hospital with a magnificent committed staff dedicated to the care and welfare of their ill patients. This will not really concern us as a community. Shure we will last forever!

Yours sincerely,

William Flynn


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