Late Late Show and Royal wedding

Dear Sir,

If any of your readers were unfortunate enough to have watched the Late Late Show on Friday night last and, God forbid, in the company of any English people, they would have witnessed another example of how the presentation of our national opinion is being directed by personalities who have little of value to contribute to the question of where are we going as a society and as a nation.

The producers decided to feature a panel to discuss the Royal wedding and explore the question of the Queens visit. On the panel were Paul Costello, the very successful Irish designer; Ian O’Doherty, a journalist from the Independent; Catherine Halloran from the Star newspaper and Neil Delamere, comedian.

The discussion started with Paul Costello one of Irelands luminaries in the International fashion trade. He began by outlining his relationship with the Royal family, particularly Diana whom he designed for and who wore his creations at many high level public occasions and with William whom he is personally acquainted with.

Mr Costello had come to Dublin for the weekend to partake in a promotion of Irish design and upcoming designers when I’m sure he would have much preferred to concentrate on his London business especially the PR value of this week and the fact he had also designed for Zara Phillips and other attendees at the wedding. He spoke about the occasion, the fashion and the uplift it is giving to the British people.

Mr Tubridy then asked Ian O’Doherty for his contribution. He asserted little interest on his own behalf and described William as being ‘dim and harmless’ presumably meaning that his own cerebral agility far outpaced that of being Sandhurst educated and militarily trained as a pilot. Ms O Halloran was very balanced in her comments and Mr Tubridy then moved on to his ‘ace in the hole’, Mr Delamere, for his witty and incisive contribution.

Mr Delamere proceeded to describe the two Middleton sisters as two ‘rides’, referred to the three-year-old bridesmaids as ‘not being rides’ and said the British people were going over the top on the event. He used some expletives around the occasion and placed Mr Costello, in my opinion, in a very difficult position as he proceeded to expound his opinions of the Royals and Middletons of whom Mr. Costelloe is both personally acquainted and from whom he derives part of his business. The comedian was looking for laughs from the cheap seats which he duly got.

So what, you might say. Well, firstly, I am not a Royalist but I genuinely feel some goodwill towards the new couple and am seething that my opinions and that of many others are being misrepresented by our national media.

Our licence fee is being directed at an organisation that hasn’t the wit to understand the damage and insult they may have caused with their broadcast from their flagship programme as well as their internet and satellite streaming of same to the UK and other commonwealth states.

Yours, etc

Matt Shanahan

Velocity Media

Cork Road



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