Letter to the Editor

Dear Minister Donohoe

Each year my wife, Linda, and I visit County Waterford from May through June. Relatives and friends often join us at our lovely cottage in Dunmore East or visit when we’re not there. This year we had three sets of guests from July through September experiencing the attributes of this well-known and unique portion of Ireland.
I recently read in The Munster Express of your decision to deny any of the (initial) Ancient East government funds of €1.8 million for tourism for the County, as well as possible exclusion from the second round of funding.
I agree with the condemnation by Deputy John Halligan. It’s not only deeply disappointing, it’s outrageously counterproductive when it comes to tourism in Ireland, which is your Government’s responsibility.
You must be aware that a vast number of Americans are drawn yearly to County Waterford for its name recognition alone – its culture and historic assets fostered for their enjoyment and education.
The South East region is rebounding from a devastating period of deceit and destruction by the banking industry. The commitment of residents and the business community in welcoming tourists is evident.
Yet, your actions counter that effort by publicly signaling that County Waterford is not worthy of Government consideration and approval.
I strongly encourage you to re-evaluate and correct your position. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Thomas F Morrissey, Jr.
Cheshire, Connecticut,

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