Squirrel Survey

Dear Editor,

I would like to let your readers know of an exciting opportunity to become involved in an important wildlife survey. We at the Munster Squirrel Survey are examining the distribution of grey squirrels in Ireland 100 years after they were first introduced. In the last century their range has expanded throughout Leinster and Ulster and well into some parts of Connacht and Munster. At the same time the native Irish squirrel has declined and, in many cases disappeared, wherever it has been forced to compete for food with the grey squirrel.

We are interested in mapping the current ranges of both species of squirrel and aim to predict the future ranges of each species using the data gathered. We will also be examining the populations of both species in more detail to help understand the relationship between the two. This project will be of great use to foresters who suffer from grey squirrel damage to their trees and to all other woodland users interested in wildlife.

We would be grateful if your readers could report sightings of both red and grey squirrels (alive or dead) in Munster to us in either of the following ways: 1) Go to our website http://www.woodlandmammals.com and fill in our quick online survey or 2) Call the squirrel survey line on 021-4901944 or 087-1735115.

Yours sincerely,

Emily Goldstein,

University College



Research Institute,

Lee Road,


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