St Patrick’s Hospital

Dear Editor,

The vast majority of people access St Patrick’s Hospital via the main entrance. They are instantly aware of the well-maintained grounds and evidence of a vigorous anti-litter campaign. However, one also became aware of the shortage of parking spaces and the few selfish people who cause so much hassle. They park carelessly outside the clearly marked zone and as a result ambulances, taxis and family cars cannot access the slip road right outside the rehabilitation unit.

Luckily there is always a plentiful supply of willing volunteers on hand to borrow a wheelchair.

The additional distance from the main entrance is not of marathon standard but for anyone with a walking frame or stick the steep slopes present a true challenge. Let’s just say that one is not ready to go straight into action in the gymnasium on arrival.

All this extra stress and strain because able-bodied persons put his or her own needs first.

Meanwhile, a patient in our lady’s ward of St Patricks spoke of their praise of the hospital and its staff. Their positive approach was appreciated as a smiling face was uplifting.

Visitors and staff had made a New Year’s resolution it seems to put the best foot forward. New patients were encouraged to join in and adopt the new atmosphere even if it had been against their nature and they would have rathered been able to complain.

Well done to the staff and patients alike for creating some laughter which is sometimes seen as the best medicine.

– A Tramore senior citizen.

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