Time for major political action on cardiac care

N23S3LetterEd2PicDear Editor

It seems the delivery of a second Cath Lab and 24/7 Cardiac Care at University Hospital Waterford is further away than ever.
Despite repeated promises from the Government and Fianna Fáil on this vital issue for Waterford and the South East it looks like we are once again going to be ignored.
Why is it that the people of Waterford and the south east must always take to the streets to get what is rightfully ours where other areas and other regions are given the services without difficulty.
You will recall the public marches we had for public radiotherapy and for BreastCheck and now we’ve done the same again for 24/7 Cardiac Care but to no avail yet.
I believe the time has come for all Waterford elected representatives to withdraw their support from the Government until this vital service is delivered.
They were all elected on the promise of delivering 24/7 cardiac care to University Hospital Waterford and the time has come now to deliver on their promise.

Seamus Ryan,
Labour Party Local Area Rep.

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