Tramore and Dunmore should align with City

Dear Sir

I was pleased to read in The Munster Express that along with the prospect of local authorities merging that there is also talk of Waterford City assimilating Tramore and Dunmore East from a boundary perspective.

This type of move would be normal in the UK or US and Galway’s expansion to Salthill is a perfect example of a similarly successful re-alignment move here.

Waterford’s City Council and City Manager have demonstrated remarkably well in recent years how a progressive and pro-active public sector can and must operate even in these challenging times.

Every resident of the county should be proud of the success of the Tall Ships Festival and the other major tourism projects and improvements that have transformed Waterford City into a vibrant place to work and visit once again.

If Waterford City was expanded to include places like Tramore and Dunmore East, this would propel Waterford City to compete with other major cities nationally and internationally by vastly increasing its diversity, amenities and overall attractiveness.

Waterford City could boast in its offering a regional airport, additional business parks, a racecourse, Blue Flag beaches, seaside resorts, fishing villages, a working marina, unique protected natural areas, heritage attractions such as the Metal Man in Tramore, Woodstown Viking site, superb golf courses, many more tourist attractions and amenities, outdoor and adventure activities, and an additional stock of accommodations, restaurants and pubs.

There are several shovel ready tourism projects such as heritage trails, coastal and scenic walks, the Copper Coast and the Dolmen Drive, Gardens, the Suir Valley Railway, and Mount Congreve Estate which could be further developed and linked to the larger city.

The truth is that to keep visitors in Waterford City or County for longer durations we need to work together to develop and promote the area as a whole with a fantastic city and rural offering combined.

The marketing of Waterford City would never be easier and it would strengthen the links between the City and the surrounding areas. The population increase might even warrant more national representation and regional investment as well.

Most residents of Tramore and Dunmore East already have a strong connection and link to the City in that most families who live in the outlying areas were originally from the city and most still work and socialize there.

I believe that a Waterford City expansion would be embraced by the people and businesses on both sides of the current boundaries and make it a more diverse and appealing destination and place to live and work in the years to come.

Waterford City should stop looking across the river for growth and development, and instead focus on the available land stock, villages and towns to its south for residential and commercial planning and tourism infrastructure.

The new motorways, bridge and outer ring road around Waterford City provide excellent access for long term development to allow the city and urban areas to grow and thrive beyond their current limits.

This expansion of the city would ultimately create a better tourist product, increase investment in the area and attract more business development in this region because of the greater amenities and quality of life of this rural and urban gem in Ireland’s south east.

Yours Faithfully,

Avery Coryell,


Tramore Tourism.

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