‘Imagine if we had a University’ – Mayor

Waterford ranked No1 micro European city and 15th most attractive region for foreign direct investment

Mayor Mary O’Halloran, has welcomed results which rank Waterford as Ireland’s most popular city and a key hub for foreign direct investment.

The survey in business magazine, ‘fDi’ ranks Waterford as Europe’s number one ‘Micro European City’. It rates Waterford city ahead of Dublin in Europe’s ‘Top Cities’ category and a prime location for multi-nationals.

“This survey shows just how popular Waterford is and what a great place it is to live and work. But think how high we would rank were we to get a University of the South East based in Waterford city?

“We are proud to be the 15th most attractive base for foreign direct investment in Europe – ahead of all other Irish cities. But with global economies showing pressures, it is imperative that we do everything we can to safeguard our position into the future – improve it even,” the Mayor added.

Waterford Institute of Technology has welcomed survey results which show Waterford ranked as one of Europe’s most attractive cities and Ireland’s most attractive base for foreign direct investment.

The fDi magazine ‘European Cities and Regions of the Future 08/09′ awards rank Waterford as the 15th most popular city in Europe for foreign direct investment. The survey also ranked Waterford city the number one micro European city.

Head of WIT’s School of Business, Dr Tom O’Toole, said the survey results augur well for the city. “Multi-nationals tell us over and over again that their experience of Waterford and the South East is second to none.

“They are very impressed by the excellent quality of life in Waterford city, as well as the diligent, available and high-skilled workforce here. This shows confidence for the future of the city.

“We look forward to building on the knowledge-based economy of the region with the advent of a University of the South East,” Dr O’Toole said.

Head of Strategic Planning at WIT, Derek O’Byrne, said the region needs to build on this international reputation. “What we need to do now is translate these rankings into delivering higher levels of sustainable, skilled jobs right throughout the South East region and ensure we also achieve a good spread of indigenous employment that doesn’t over-rely on the global economy.

“This ranking shows how investment in Waterford and the South East will reap significant dividends for the people of the South East and for the country as a whole.

“Driving the research, development and innovation agenda will build on this success and create a sustainable, knowledge economy into the future”, he said.

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