‘Unanswerable case for university’


The Chairman of the Labour Party, Brian O’Shea, TD, has reiterated his long held view that there is ‘an unanswerable case for a University of the South East’.

Referring to recent press reports, Deputy O’Shea said there was spinning and leaking going on in an effort to undermine the case for the upgrading of WIT but such a move would fail based on any objective criteria.

“The government has ducked and dodged the issue since the submission for upgrading was made by Waterford Institute of Technology two yeas ago but it must now find the political courage to do what is right for the region and the country”, declared Deputy O’Shea.

He said the granting of university status was, by far, the most pressing regional need because it would have a profoundly positive effect on the future development and prosperity of the region.

“I am hopeful that a cross party motion from the TDs in the region will shortly be put down in the Dail requesting the government to initiate the procedures under the Universities Act 1997 to establish the University of the South East with its hub campus in Waterford”, concluded Deputy O’Shea.

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