A-okay for Waterford Baby Names

The most popular baby names in Waterford City in 2013 were Aaron and Amelia, according to Central Statistics Office (CSO) figures released last week.

Whilst Jack and Emily have continued to top the national charts, Waterford has moved against the grain, with James, Emma and Kate the most popular baby names for Waterford County.

Aaron replaces James as the most frequently chosen boys name in the City, which took over from Jack in 2012. In the County, James remains the favourite choice for parents for a second year.

For girls, Amelia replaces Emily as most popular in the City while Emma and Kate take over from Amelia in 2012 and Grace in 2011 in the County.

In Kilkenny the most popular choices were Michael and Emma, while in South Tipperary Jack and Ella led the way.

Figures also released by the CSO show that 1,707 births were registered in Waterford in 2013; 788 in the City and 919 in the County.

This translates into 16.9 babies per 1,000 women in the City, the third highest birth rate in the country, bettered only by Meath and Fingal in County Dublin.

Waterford County boasts a higher percentage of births registered within a marriage or civil partnership than in the City, at 64.1 per cent compared to 50.8 per cent.

This translates to 35.9 percent in the County and 49.2 percent in the City for births registered outside marriage or civil partnership, with the national average being 35.4 per cent.

The average age of a Waterford mother at maternity is 31 in the City and 32 in the County, while first time mothers averaged at 29 years old in 2013.

There were 40 births in Waterford to mothers under the age of 20 last year, 73 to mothers over the age of 40, while there were 605 in the 30-34 age bracket.

Regarding deaths recorded in Waterford in 2013, CSO figures show that diseases related to the circulatory system were the leading cause of death, at 274 of the 829 total.

This was followed by malignant cancers, which were the cause of 272 deaths throughout Waterford in 2013. The deaths of 71 people were attributed to diseases related to the respiratory system.

There were seven infant deaths in Waterford last year, a mortality rate of 4.4 per 1,000 live births, higher than both the national average of 3.3, and the Munster average of 3.7.

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