Breaking Dad

Breaking Dad

Breaking Dad

We paid a visit to Cork Opera House last week and were pleased with the experience.

The occasion was Paul Howard’s Breaking Dad, part of the Ross O Carroll Kelly saga of fiction.

The year is 2022 and Ireland is booming again, Ross’s wife is a human rights lawyer with a prospect
Of a major promotion under a new Fianna Fail government led by Bertie Ahern again, after spending some
Time as a taxi driver. We must say the show is hilarious and reminds one of a Tom Stoppard play.

The show moves to the Gaiety soon in Dublin. Rory is a brilliant lead character and so is Laurence Kinlan,
Formerly of Love Hate, TV series. Sorcha, Ross’s wife plays the selfish career woman from south Dublin, Lisa
Lambe and the dreaded daughter, Honor ( Caoimhe O Malley ) is also excellent, doing a posh spoilt cheeky Mount Anville girl.

Cannot say too much more to spoil the plot, but let us say if you read any books of Paul Howard on Ross you will not be disappointed.

A night of fun is guaranteed, it runs for a fortnight in the Gaeity, maybe the Theatre Royal might run it at a later date.

This is the third Ross O Carroll play and we are sorry we missed the other ones, it is more entertaining on stage than in the books with such a fine set of actors and good theatre production.

Kieran Walsh

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