Decree of €5000 to city soccer scout

Circuit Judge Olive Buttimer has affirmed a District Court decision granting a decree for €5,000 and costs to a Waterford talent soccer scout against a publisher for breach of contract for failing to publish his life story.

The publisher, Francis de Roelman of Wellington Street, Waterford, unsuccessfully appealed against the award granted to Billy Costine, a bus driver, of Gracedieu Heights, Waterford, a talent scout for the British championship soccer club Newcastle United FC.

The appellant was ordered to return a manuscript for the biography entitled ‘The Flight of a Magpie’ which is based on the talent scout’s life long association with the famous club.

The court directed him to also return personal photos and memorabilia which were to illustrate the book.

Mr de Roelman denied receiving the sum of €5,000 from Billy Costine for the publication of the book and claimed there was never a contract between them.

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