Enda Kenny accused of WIT clawback

The Mayor of Waterford, Councillor Mary Roche, has accused the Fine Gael leader, Enda Kenny, of reneging on his promise to upgrade WIT to university status if his party was voted into government at the next general election.

And, pulling no punches, Mayor Roche has blamed Kilkenny TD, Phil Hogan, for the ‘massive about turn’ branding the Fine Gael front-bench spokesperson as being ‘anti everything Waterford’.

Mayor Roche said Enda Kenny and Fine Gael had firmly stated in the past that they were committed to the designation of WIT as a university but then, during the week in an answer to a question put to him on WLRfm radio, he declared that ‘when in government he would trigger an examination of that question’.

Dismissing his answer as ‘jibberish’, the Mayor said Deputy Kenny’s new stance was a classic example of what happened to a leader when he was weakened.

“He is now prey to the whims and parochial preferences of those who ‘saw him over the line’ in the recent leadership heave. And no one played a bigger part than the man known as ‘Big Phil’. Deputy Hogan of our neighbouring county of Kilkenny is well known to be anti anything Waterford. And who was Enda’s right-hand man in the successful battle to save his leadership? It was Deputy Hogan to whom he is now obviously beholden. Cue back-tracking on giving Waterford’s WIT university status. If it’s not enough to make your blood boil and detest politics then I don’t know what is”, declared Mayor Roche.

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