FF Captures Three out of Six Seats

Bird’s eye view.

Bird’s eye view.

FIANNA Fáils popularity has certainly grown in this year’s local elections after a turbulent election back in 2009. Nationally for the local elections, Fianna Fáil has the largest group of party-affi liated Councillors elected followed by Sinn Féin. The rise in popularity for the party is evident in the outcome of the Comeragh election with Fianna Fáil’s Michael J. O’ Ryan topping the poll in the area. “It was some achievement. We now have 25% representation in the new council” said O’ Ryan. Kilmeaden native, John O’ Leary was the second Fianna Fail candidate to capture a seat with Mary Butler receiving the third. “It’s a brilliant day for Fianna Fáil and the Comeragh. We worked as a team and it paid off.” said Butler. The three candidates will now work together on the newly amalgamated Council. “I can’t wait to start working with Michael and Mary, we are a team and we will work hard for the people of the Comeragh” said O’Leary. Poll topper O’ Ryan commented on how it was a great strategy to increase Fianna Fáils representation. The voters of the Comeragh will now have 3 Fianna Fáil candidates out of 6 candidates representing them. In total there are 8 Fianna Fáil candidates elected to the new Waterford Council.

Sarah Leahy

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