Further support for WIT upgrading to University Status

Waterford Labour Deputy Brian O’Shea has welcomed the recommendation of a delegation from the Joint Committee on Enterprise Trade and Employment to the Tipperary Waterford Cork border Region on 22nd/23rd January 2008.

The Report was laid before the Dail on Thursday of this week.

In its Executive Summary the Report states under the heading “Education and Training” that there is agreement throughout the region that Waterford Institute of Technology should be upgraded to University Status. This is a further very significant boost for the Waterford case. Deputy O’Shea looks to the retiring Taoiseach Deputy Bertie Ahern to initiate the processing of the Waterford Inst Tec case under section 9 of the Universities Act 1997 before he leaves office.

This would be a major contribution to the future development and prosperity of the South East Region and something that the Taoiseach’s term in office would be remembered for.

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