Global attention for Tramore ‘rescue’

A woman runs to escape the massive wave which crashed onto Tramore's Prom last Wednesday.

A woman runs to escape the massive wave which crashed onto Tramore's Prom last Wednesday.

A video was posted online last Wednesday showing a Tramore woman and her dog running to escape a massive wave near Moe’s Café and T-Bay Surf Centre on The Prom.

The footage subsequently went viral and attracted worldwide attention, even appearing on the homepage of the Sky News website.

Martin Cullinane of the T-Bay Surf Centre witnessed the incident from outside his premises on Wednesday, February 5th.

“There had been four surges that morning,” he said. “The last one was the biggest and it came at around 10.15am.”

“There were six to seven people standing around talking on the beach side of The Prom opposite the surf club. Then, all of a sudden, we could see the surge coming.”

While stating “they probably shouldn’t have been there”, Mr Cullinane said there was no danger to any lives and also played down the praise which he and his fellow bystanders received.

“There was never any danger of anyone getting dragged out to sea or drowning. It wasn’t a ‘near drowning’ or a big rescue attempt as is being portrayed,” he said.

“She was so far away from the water’s edge that there was never any danger of her drowning. Nobody was near being killed.

“The biggest danger was ending up on the roundabout and getting bruised. Another guy got soaked nearby as well and it was just as dramatic but it wasn’t caught on camera.”

Surfer Liam Sinnott captured the footage which, at the time of going to print, had received well over 600,000 views on YouTube.

Mr Sinnott said he hopes the video highlights the importance of respecting the ocean.

“The woman and her well looked after dog are okay now. They simply got caught out by the power of the ocean and this can happen to anyone at any stage during a storm,” he said.

“This video clip has been uploaded to raise awareness of safety in storms before someone gets seriously hurt or loses a life.”

When contacted by The Munster Express, the woman at the centre of the drama, who did not wish to be identified, said she’d no comment to make on the matter but also indicated the event had been blown out of proportion.

Kieran Foley.

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