Hanafin’s hostility towards WIT

Dear Sir,

I agree with the Minister for Education, Mary Hanafin, when she says that an Institute of Technology is an important part of the infrastructure of the South East.

However, I disagree vehemently with her, when she states that this is the reason that W.I.T. cannot be upgraded to University status.

Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway all host both Universities and Colleges of Technology. Indeed, the Dublin area has several of both.

Now there are two Institutes of Technology based in the South East, i.e., Carlow and Waterford.

In other words Ms.Hanafin can both have her cake and eat it, i.e. upgrade W.I.T. to University status, and at the same time expand Carlow college to cater for the technological educational needs of the South East.

Limerick University was set up in 1989 even though it’s catchment area was smaller than that of the South East. After all Limerick is bordered by Cork to the south and Galway to the north. Despite this fact, U.L. has flourished, and neither Cork nor Galway Universities have been diminished in any way. In fact, what has happened is that more and more young Irish people have been given access to University life.

I think that it is only fair that this facility be given to the youth of the South East and I commend Minister Martin Cullen for his recent stance at a Fianna Fáil Parliamentary meeting. It is astonishing, given her local background that the Minister for Education would appear to be taking such a hostile position towards such a vital piece of infrastructure for this area.


Yours faithfully,

Tom Maher

44 Grange Heights,


11th February, 2008

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