Local Musicians come together for #IAMTOM with launch of “New Start”

Michelle Heffernan Reports

Some of Waterford’s finest musical talent are coming together on Wednesday, December 13th in Shortt’s Bar to launch their group single, ‘New Start’, inspired by the tragic death of Tom Power in June of this year, as part of the #iamtom campaign to restore 24/7 cardiac services to Waterford.
The idea of a musical collaboration in aid of the cause was the brainchild of Ger Reid, front man of Waterford rock band, Chew the Scenery.

Chew The Scenery will form part of the local super group playing at Shorrts next Wednesday.

Chew The Scenery will form part of the local super group playing at Shorrts next Wednesday.

“As soon as it happened, I noticed every musician I knew on Facebook sharing statuses and posts lamenting the tragedy,” Ger explained.
He underlined that he and his colleagues were deeply disturbed by the notion that “none of us could get treatment in UHW if we have a heart attack past 5pm in our own city”.
‘New Start’ is his composition about breaking the mould in a world of empty political promises, and creating a brighter future for a new generation of Waterford natives. The song was recorded free of charge by Red Lake Studios, courtesy of Gary Duncan, and a total of five bands perform live on the record including Chew the Scenery, Anna-Liese, The Kalimbas, Backroad Smokers Club and Amber & The Bear.
Proceeds of the song are being donated to the South East Patient Advocacy Group (SEPAG) and the release of the single is set to coincide with their next scheduled protest
Commenting on the record, Ger emphasised the link between music and social justice. “If we don’t want to live in this kind of society, we need to reflect that in our art,” he stated.

The five band musical group will come together on December 13th at Shortts to deliver what promises to be a haunting performance of ‘New Start’.
Chew the Scenery, as well as Anna-Liese and The Kalimbas will also perform from their respective sets.
The gig gets underway at 10pm next Wednesday and see the Chew the Scenery Facebook page for more information.

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