Methadone Intoxication Cited at Inquest

A verdict that a young Waterford woman died of methadone intoxication was returned at an Inquest in Waterford last week.

Tina McGovern (24) with addresses in Dungarvan and Cork, died at No 9, Grangecohan, Waterford, the home of her mother on October 12th, 2012.

The Inquest heard the deceased and her boyfriend Noel Curran went to sleep in a car parked outside the house as here was no room in the house. In the morning she was found lying face down cross the front seats. Her face was purple and there was blood in her nostrils.

In a deposition Noel Curran said members of the family watched television and drank cans of Dutch Gold before going to sleep in the car.

The next morning he woke to the sound of knocking on the car window. Tina was bent over and he though she was asleep and grabbed her by the left shoulder to lifted her up.

But her lips were blue and there was blood on her nose and he raised the alarm. The deceased was still warm and was carried into the house where an attempt was made to revive her by CPR.

The witness said he wanted to “clear his head” and as he drove away from the house he noticed that the glove box was open. The deceased had consumed a fatal dose of methadone which had been kept in the there.

The mother of the deceased, Breda McGovern said her daughter arrived at the house with her boy friend that night and they remained at home watching TV and drank four cans of Dutch Gold each. During the evening they had chips from a takeaway and Tina and Noel went out to sleep in the car at 2 am.

When she looked out in the morning Tina appeared to be asleep across the two front seats of the car. Minutes later Noel ran in and said she was dead and an ambulance was called.

A former Red Cross member, John Ryan, the boyfriend of Breda McGovern, stayed over night in the house. He said he could not find a pulse when Tina was carried into the sitting room.

A brother of the deceased, Stephen McGovern said he went to bed at 2 am and heard Tina coming into the house at 4 am to use the toilet.

State Pathologist Dr. Marie Cassidy said she carried out a post mortem examination on the deceased and found no evidence of trauma.

A high fatal level of methadone and some alcohol were found in the deceased’s blood. Death was due to methadone intoxication.

Waterford City Coroner John Goff, solr, said it was a very a tragic and very distressing death.

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