Minister hints at Tech university in upcoming Cabinet decision

Minister for Enterprise, Trade & Innovation Batt O’Keeffe got tongues wagging in Waterford on Thursday, hinting that the Higher Education report, to be released in a few weeks, could have positive news for Waterford IT, Cork IT and Dublin IT, who have all applied for university upgrades.

He was careful not to leak the contents as it will come before the Cabinet in a matter of weeks.

Waterford, he said, would be enhanced by the report and the importance of Waterford IT would be reflected in it.

After the Minister’s words at the Waterford Chamber of Commerce regeneration conference in the Theatre Royal, Tom Murran, Chamber President commented that clarity was needed by the Minister on the matter, as Waterford did not want to be fobbed off.

“To date, there have been just promises and leaks,” he said.

Mr Murran said he would be happy with the Technological University status, echoing the Mayor of Waterford’s interpretations that if the engine works, do not worry about the colour of the paint.

It certainly looks as though it’s time for the Minister to make the decision – no excuses such as using the ploy of budgetary constraints.

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