ShellStoneSilkBone (And the Occasional Surfer)

ShellStoneSilkBone, an exhibition of old and new paintings by Clare Scott, is currently open at Aoife’s Cafe & Gallery, 33 The Mall.

Clare explains the various concepts her work:

Shell: “My paintings of shells are sort of an extension of my Shore Things show of 2011 which was studies of seaweed, the beautiful shapes and colours that lie twisted and ignored at our feet. What is interesting in the shell images for me is that they echo the shape of the human ear, something I was not conscious of when I started them. My hearing is very bad (I have hearing aids) which has had huge impact on my life, isolating me quite a bit a which was part of the reason I gave up my home studio and so these images resonate strongly with me.

Stone: “From my very first solo show, these pictures depict the crags in Edinburgh where I lived for some years. The cliffs rise above Edinburgh seeming to writhe in eternal agony under an unforgiving blue sky a reflection of my life at the time and indeed a reflection of all human life bound as we are to our bodies and unable to fly.

Silk: “Admission time. This is not actually silk. It’s the nylon of the gown up coat I wear at my part-time job in ‘the factory’. One night resting my exhausted head on my arms I was struck by the sensual and luxurious folds on my coat and the contrast between that luxury and the reality of the sterile noisy, torturous environment I was in. So silk it stays.”

Bone: “A skull, a piece of vertebrae, both found on beaches where I spend a lot of time. I really only included these so the title would rhyme.”

Surfers: “I can’t claim to be a surfer though I go out in the breakers on my bodyboard and enjoy getting bashed about. These paintings are ones I have enjoyed doing the most. I was trying to capture the wildness and freedom and momentariness of the sea. To do this I painted with a palette knife rather than a brush to avoid getting trapped in the sometime torturous act of rendering. A huge amount of paint went into these, the scraping on and the scraping off.”

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