The Cost of Lime

Andrew Turner from Abbey Drive protesting outside his house.

Andrew Turner from Abbey Drive protesting outside his house.

Abbey Park residents took to the streets on Monday morning to protest against the installation of meters on their estate by Irish Water.
The Ferrybank householders are refusing to pay for water so full of lime that, to quote one resident: “We can’t drink, we can’t wash in and is costing us thousands in the replacement of electrical appliances every year.”
During a peaceful protest, several estate residents prevented the installation of a meter at their home due to lime levels in their water.
Barbara Dillon said that locals have been ‘treated with contempt’ by Kilkenny County Council when they first tried to have their water quality improved – and Irish Water was continuing this trend.
“We don’t want a row. We’re not sitting out here to cause trouble. What we’re asking is for Irish Water to have the courtesy to come and speak to us about what they will do to improve our water supply. Is that too much to ask? They are treating people with contempt. People want to ask questions and the workers are just walking away.”
Marian Roche described some of the measures which locals are taking to alleviate the situation: “I use vinegar to wash inside my dishwasher to see will that help. I put in a water filtration system that cost me €650. Loads of people here have put them in but after a few months the limescale gets too much for them.
“We have elderly residents on old age pensions paying for bottled water and trying to carry big five litre bottles home from the shop. It’s disgraceful. Is it too much to ask, to have proper water? Kilkenny County Council are telling us the water is safe to drink but what about the damage its causing?

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