Two Guests at 21st Birthday Party Left Severely Injured

Two guests at a 21st birthday party in a public house were severely injured when a row erupted over alleged verbal abuse and lewd comments, the trial of a County Waterford man heard in Waterford Circuit Criminal Court last week.

Before the court is Cathal Barry (28) of Brenan, Stradbally, who is charged with assaulting both Patrick Murphy and William Dunne causing them harm at the Holy Cross, Butlerstown, on March 26th 2013.

Barrister Noel Whelan, for the DPP, said the assault occurred in a hallway outside the gents toilets at the back of the pub.

The accused man punched the injured parties in the face with his fist. Patrick Murphy suffered a laceration and fractures to his right cheek bone and eye socket.

The two complaints failed to appear in court for the trial and indicated to the Gardaí that they wished to withdraw the complaints. Judge Pauline Codd issued warrants for the arrest of both men.

In evidence, Patrick Murphy of Beachwood Grove, Portlaw, said he was in the company of William Dunne and he had a couple of pints of Heineken and at the end of the night had a couple of ’shots’ of vodka and Red Bull. They went out to the toilet at 12.40am and met Cathal Barry and his cousin Sara.

Suddenly in a split second Cathal Barry struck out and hit William Dunne on the right side of the face and then struck him over his right eye.

The witness said he was knocked out and when he came around the Gardaí were standing over him. His cheek bone was fractured and his face was swollen like a balloon and his eye was closed and the injuries required surgery.

In reply to questions he admitted having a conviction for assault. The attack was unprovoked and he denied that lewd comments were made or that he kicked the accused man in the testicles or spat in his face.

The witness also denied making threats to burn the accused man’s home but he admitted expressing the wish that he would be raped.

The court was told by William Dunne, an agricultural contract worker of Killbarrymeaden, Kill, said he had six or seven pints of cider and one vodka and Red Bull to drink.

They had a general everyday conversation with Cathal Barry and he did not try to block his way. The last thing he remembered was getting a punch on the left eye and being knocked unconscious.

The injured parties said they wanted to withdraw their complaints because they would lose money attending court. The trial continues.

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