University scuppered-‘No more’ insists Quinn

Despite all the pre-election promises and soothing words of support from Fine Gael and the Labour Party for WIT’s campaign for university status, the college’s ambitions were cruelly shot down in flames in the Dáil yesterday (Thursday) afternoon by the Minister for Education, Ruairi Quinn.
John Halligan, who eloquently outlined the need for a University of the South East based in Waterford, Minister Quinn shocked many in the Dail with his hard-nosed answer.

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4 Responses to “University scuppered-‘No more’ insists Quinn”

  1. Kieran Wymberry Says:

    Finally all this University nonsense can be laid to rest!

  2. Sheikh Ahmed Says:

    We the people of Waterford should arrange a heavy protest against the hard-nosed Minister Quinn and if necessary the government as well on the single issue of University status.

    Whether government should approve the university or ban the minister in Waterford for any future occassion.

  3. edward james Says:

    Has any one who ran for goverment made a promise and then stood by it ?

    I mean come on they promise everything and anything to get in and once in they forget those who put them there.

    It’s being going on for years get over it they let you and me down.

    And why worry about a university any way.

  4. Pablo Says:

    Well There goes Ciara Conways chance of being re-elected,

    Time to start putting pressure on this government to give the south-east a fighting chance!

    What do John Paul Phelan, John Deasy, Paudie Coffee & co have to say on this?