University would enhance entire Region

Joe O’Brien, Construction Industry Federation.

Joe O’Brien, Construction Industry Federation.

The South East Branch of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) has again called for the Waterford Institute of Technology to be given university status.

The call came at a meeting of CIF members in the Marine Hotel, Waterford last week, which was attended by CIF Director General, Tom Parlon.

Speaking on behalf of the Branch, Joe O’Brien, CIF Director said: “A stated aim of Government policy is the accelerated development of key regions outside Dublin, including the south east. Whilst progress is being achieved in this regard in the south east, particularly through infrastructure investment such as improved rail services to Dublin and the M/N9 motorway/dual carriageway, the absence of a university in the region remains a major obstacle to further growth.

“The region is fortunate to have the Waterford Institute of Technology, which has been a key driver of economic development in the region, but it is high time that it was given the university status that it deserves and which would act as a major catalyst to inward investment and innovation throughout the south east. The university would represent a major boost to the entire region, particularly given through the continued development of campuses in the major towns of the South East.

“To compete with comparable regions internationally the south east requires a wide range of education facilities, including national level centres of learning. The south east is one of the few regions in Ireland not to have a university and that needs to be rectified”.

Concluding, the CIF Director stated: “Waterford’s strategic location, proximity to a major national port, access to the regional airport and the improvements that are taking place under all infrastructure headings make it the ideal hub for the development – economically, socially and environmentally – of the entire south east region. Upgrading Waterford Institute of Technology to university status would represent a major positive in terms boost further the region’s competitiveness”.

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