WIT Conferrings: ‘University will safeguard region from setbacks’ – Institute Chair

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Any setbacks the south east has suffered and potential threats to its economy into the future would be safeguarded with the development of a University of the South East, Waterford Institute of Technology Governing Body Chairman, Redmond O’Donoghue, said.

Students graduating this year do so in more difficult times but they are well placed to be the leaders and innovators of the future, Mr O’Donoghue said as he addressed students being conferred at WIT yesterday.

“These are troubled times, difficult times. But it is also a time when we need a lot of leadership. Irish people are very creative, determined and resilient people. We faced much worse times before yet we survived and we prospered. Our financial system is unstable at present but life will go on,” Mr O’Donoghue told graduates gathered for the second of three days of conferring ceremonies.

Goods and services will continue to be in demand and the current ‘credit crunch’ will not last forever, he said, instilling optimism in the assembled graduates.

“Bridges will need to be built. Companies and countries will continue to trade. Goods will continue to be manufactured and sold. People will still go on holiday and banks will start lending again. A world that has put a man on the moon and developed instant communications technology right across the world in the form of the worldwide web will not retreat into the cave.

“Our country has seen phenomenal investment. We have seen a lot of investments in products and continuing Foreign Direct Investment and investment in education. We want to see more and we must not cut back on that. Our infrastructure has vastly improved and we will shortly have motorway links between all of our major hubs. In less than 2 years time we will be able to drive to Waterford, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Dublin by motorway.

“In an uncertain, unstable world we badly need new energy and confidence, drive and determination. Our graduates can provide this. Any setbacks the south east has suffered or threats it faces in the future would be more than offset by the creation of a University of the South East. Let me assure you that until that day comes, there will be no rest,” he concluded.

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