De La Salle FC pay tribute to the late Eoin Burke

The late Eoin Butler, synonymous with De La Salle FC, who passed away over the weekend.  | Photo: Noel Browne

The late Eoin Butler, synonymous with De La Salle FC, who passed away over the weekend. | Photo: Noel Browne

It is with heavy hearts and sad spirits that we received the news that Eoin lost his battle with illness which first and foremost took him from a loving and close family, leaving a devastating void which we can only imagine.

As a club we have suffered some very sad and tragic losses, many in the recent past who are still very much in our thoughts but today we lost someone who exemplified all that a football club we would hope to represent.

Eoin was a man who De La Salle underpinned and reinforced all elements of a football club and particularly one for whom schoolboy football in such a high priority, which as a man he had in abundance – energy, positivity, warmth, enthusiasm and downright decency.

From the Academy to probably every age group and grade up to youths level with the help of Derek, Tony and Nicky among others, Eoin was a guiding and dedicated influence on so many young players.

There are plenty of budding Mourinhos and Klopps out there (maybe too many) but while Eoin could hold his own in any coaching or tactical discussion his greatest strength was his ability to connect and interact with players of all ages and maybe most importantly abilities.

Too often football concentrates on rewards only the strongest, quickest and best but Eoin’s priority was always to ensure all players, no matter what their ability level, felt part of De La Salle FC.

One of the many testaments to Eoin’s influence on young players was in the past season where De La Salle fielded their first youth team in a number of seasons. Players for various reasons had left the club where they had “cut their footballing teeth” were keen to return on the understanding that Eoin would be involved in the set-up.

Seventeen-year-olds are not easily kidded because they knew a good man when they saw him. De La Salle will continue as a club but with a massive void that Eoin’s passing has left.

The greatest tribute we can pay to ‘Burkey’ is to reinforce the standard that he set at all levels in the club and we will strive to do that to the best of our abilities.

To those who feel Eoin’s passing greatest, his wife Deirdre, sons Craig and Shane and daughter Rachel (all of whom have and continue to be heavily involved and great assets in the club) and all of Eoin’s family we send our heartfelt thoughts and deepest sympathies. Rest in peace, friend.

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