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What about a Waterford Walk of Fame?

Over the years many people have often felt that we in Waterford don’t really show enough appreciation for our high achievers. Of course, the significant and rarely given honour of Freedom of Waterford City has been bestowed on people like sports heroes John Treacy and Sean Kelly and entertainers Val Doonican, Brendan Bowyer and Anna [...]


Long train running

Travelling by train is generally a pleasure, especially when it’s not too crowded. In this country, our trains travel at a fairly sedate pace and, I guess, that adds to safety. In Britain, the trains are faster and even more so on some routes in Continental Europe. So, how would you feel about travelling in [...]

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Dave Hearne’s heroic legacy

The Duncannon air was thick with grief on Tuesday last. The sadness and shock at the death of Garda Dave Hearne was worn across every one of the many hundreds of faces who came to support his devastated family and to honour his life and service. Another gut-wrenching reminder of life’s fragility, underlining how even [...]

Mayoral proposal has been disserved

“The Government and members of the Oireachtas would retain the ability to produce legislation for a directly elected Mayor and bring it before both Houses of the Oireachtas.” This paragraph, the last text on page 6 of Waterford City & County Council’s guide to the plebiscite for a directly elected Mayor caught my eye during [...]

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Filipino fun in Waterford

Members of the vibrant Waterford-Filipino Irish Community are proud to call Waterford their home and regularly organise and participate in a variety of events. There are almost 200 Filipinos living in Waterford City and its environs. The majority work in the medical sector within the locality as nurses and health care assistants for example. Handiego [...]


Farmers fight back

Newly elected President of the ICSA, Fenor man Edmond Phelan, says farming is under attack as a result of climate change, the rise in veganism and excessive profiteering. Additionally, the industry is threatened by the controversial Mercusor deal and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Waterford man Edmond Phelan was recently elected President of the Irish Cattle [...]

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Meat Industry Woes

The row among farmers with the beef industry is getting more serious with the blockade of lorries bringing cattle and workers layoffs.Good to see talks underway and hopefully a resolution can be found. The protest, some say, did serve to highlight the problem but got very serious with staff layoffs and no production in factories.Is [...]


Waterford lags national recovery

The South East Economic Monitor 2018 shows that, despite some signs of improvement, Waterford continues to be left behind and is not enjoying a fair share of the national recovery.We carried this story last week and the report received much national press and radio which is a good thing, but being over negative can make [...]