Tales of the Tellurians


A golden voice for RTE Gold

And so, the evergreen Larry Gogan moves to yet another chapter in his long career as he switches from RTE’s 2fm to RTE Gold.Larry is the original Irish pop DJ and from the halcyon days of the showband era he is one of just a handful of big names remaining. Of the original first wave, only [...]

mars 2

Was there life on mars?

IT looks like the age-old question of whether or not there was once life on Mars will finally be answered before too long.NASA’s next rover mission will touch down on the Red Planet with the specific aim of trying to identify evidence of past biology. In particular, it will be searching for clues in rocks that [...]

John O'Connor

Dermot Keyes

Keyes Side


The rubbishing of Waterford

You’d wonder what other transgressions are committed by those who treat the ditches of County Waterford as a public dump and the streets of our city as an open sewer for their dogs. You’d wonder what’s the level of their contribution to the communities they live in. You’d wonder what bubble they must live in [...]

stephen fry

Silent Heroism and Resilience

THAT so many people in the public eye have come forward with their personal accounts of mental ill-health, depression and suicidal ideation has,I suspect, saved a few lives.The notion that a healthy bank account, celebrity and a mass social media followings all you need to safely paddle through life is wildly misplaced.Depression is an indiscriminate [...]

Foley on File


At one with nature

Artist Sean Corcoran is making waves with his impressive sand art creations throughout Waterford and beyond WATERFORD’S Sean Corcoran is renowned for his magnificent sand art creations and has certainly earned quite a reputation. His home is situated at Tankardstown, Bonmahon at what is one of the most scenic locations along the Copper Coast and, arguably, [...]


A Waterford War Hero

TOM McGrath, the Waterford man who escaped a German prisoner-of-war camp during the Second World War, was honoured at a ceremony in Dublin before Christmas. A remarkable chapter in the life of this Waterford man, who was born in Portlaw in 1904, was discovered by his son Tom Jnr who, until two years ago, had [...]

Kieran Foley

Kieran Walsh

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Bottlenecks in the property market

While the dark clouds of Brexit loom over Ireland, there seems to be a growing confidence that the local property market will grow and help to lift the area out of the doldrums that have defined the past decade. There is a clear demand for housing locally, and prices here are considerably less than Cork or [...]



Prices of farm animals have dropped over the past six months as the summer weather led to an over supply; the push to move stock pre-Brexit is clearly causing consternation among Irish farmers. Granted, a hard Brexit might be just hard ball negotiation tactics in advance of the March deadline when the UK to leave [...]