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City centre sculpture doesn’t grab tourists’ attention

Sitting in the sun in John Roberts Square recently, I overheard a couple discussing the black ‘Prow of a ship’ sculpture that faces down towards Barronstrand Street. They couldn’t figure it out and eventually concluded that it might be an obelisk or mausoleum to some long dead, famous person. Perhaps, a little sign on the structure [...]


Another Bowyer stars brightly

Readers will be very familiar with the names of Brendan Bowyer and his daughter, Aisling, who, in between working as a tennis professional, toured with her famous Dad as a singer for many years.But currently in the spotlight is Brendan’s US actor daughter and businesswoman, Clodagh Bowyer, who is the producer and star of the [...]

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Dave Hearne’s heroic legacy

The Duncannon air was thick with grief on Tuesday last. The sadness and shock at the death of Garda Dave Hearne was worn across every one of the many hundreds of faces who came to support his devastated family and to honour his life and service. Another gut-wrenching reminder of life’s fragility, underlining how even [...]

Mayoral proposal has been disserved

“The Government and members of the Oireachtas would retain the ability to produce legislation for a directly elected Mayor and bring it before both Houses of the Oireachtas.” This paragraph, the last text on page 6 of Waterford City & County Council’s guide to the plebiscite for a directly elected Mayor caught my eye during [...]

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A garden oasis in the heart of Waterford

Men’s Shed members are coming together to create a garden space in Waterford’s Cultural Quarter. Included are members of the Community Men’s Shed which aims to help refugees integrate into Waterford life. Waterford’s O’Connell Street is in the process of being transformed thanks to the ongoing plans for the development of the city’s Cultural Quarter. [...]


Parkinson’s positivity

An innovative course in Waterford is transforming the lives of people with Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions. An innovative course designed to help people living with Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions is generating huge benefits for local participants. Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder which is caused by a loss of a chemical called dopamine.Everyone loses [...]

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Will legal system be changed to address compensation culture?

The UK, USA and Ireland have a particular problem with a claims culture for small accidents or injuries. This is now so serious that small business are closing such as creches, shops etc.Motorists, especially younger ones, are finding it hard to get cover and drive.Householders see home insurance rise and medical insurance claims against the HSE [...]


EU-Mercosur Trade Deal to hit Irish beef?

After 20 years of negotiations, the European Union has concluded a trade deal with the four Mercosur countries – Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. This is the largest trade deal that the EU has ever negotiated, covering 773 million people.It is a trade deal that may offer significant opportunities for Irish businesses, [...]