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Tired? Get up as normal and nap during the day

A recent survey found that, next to the weather, one of the most favourite topics of discussion among adults was sleep. The survey might not have been scientific but there’s no doubt that we do complain to each other when we don’t get enough shuteye between the sheets. Experts say our circadian clock is actually more [...]


Broken Heart Syndrome is a very real condition

Sometimes, following the death of a person who had previously suffered a devastating bereavement, you will hear it said that they died of a broken heart.In the past, many doctors dismissed such an ailment but it has now been established that there is indeed a condition known as Broken Heart Syndrome, sometimes referred to as [...]

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Striding for the right balance

Technology courses throughout the country overwhelmingly remain a male student’s domain. It really shouldn’t be this way. And it really shouldn’t be up to WIT to host an event which promotes why third level technology courses are as accessible to girls as they are to boys. But that they have held such an event for the [...]


Daily danger on our roads

The most dangerous activity most of us undertake on a daily basis involves getting behind the wheel of a car. I realise we don’t consciously consider it in such terms every time we buckle up and pull out of the yard – I know I certainly don’t – but if one had to draw up a [...]

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Five years of waiting

Since early April 2014, the personal stories associated with the lack of 24/7 cardiac care at University Hospital Waterford (UHW) have consistently been highlighted. However, the quest to obtain this crucial service continues. HALF a decade, five years, more than 1,800 days. An enormous amount of water has passed under the bridge since deficiencies in cardiac [...]


Time to dig deep for Daffodil Day

The Irish Cancer Society’s annual Daffodil Day takes place on Friday March 22nd. Volunteers in Waterford launched their campaign last week at the Waterford Health Park DAFFODIL Day, which is supported by Boots Ireland, takes place on Friday March 22nd and funds the Irish Cancer Society’s vital services for cancer patients and their families nationwide.Local [...]

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Farmers losing out amidst Brexit stasis

It has been a crazy week in British politics even if, thankfully, it appears a no deal Brexit has been avoided after days of often confusing voting in the House of Commons. However, farmers are already being hit hard with prices for cattle and sheep dropping over the past 12 months, with no sign of [...]

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Business diversity across Waterford

We attended the Waterford Chamber of Commerce Business awards on Friday last week and were very impressed with the range and diversity of business throughout the city and county. Dungarvan and Waterford Chambers linked up for this event held at the Tower Hotel, which proved a resounding success.The awards also served to illustrate just how [...]