Déise Force Hits the Streets

WTFLogoWTF – it’s not just a rude acronym but an abbreviation for a newly formed group striving to improve Waterford.

Many of us can be accused of moaning about particular problems which exist within our community.

Very often, our quibbles are justified but how many of us can actually claim to have tackled a problem which we have observed?

Waterford Task Force is comprised of a group of like minded individuals who identify problems within the community (large and small) and its members are contributing greatly to the betterment of Waterford city.

Rather than simply complaining or becoming ‘keyboard warriors’ the group’s members instead decide on the best action to take in order to tackle each particular problem.

Everyone in the group is made aware of each particular problem which is observed and, through the group’s Facebook page, the issue is discussed and a plan of action is decided upon.

“Traditionally, Waterford people have rarely managed to unite en masse on important issues. This group’s aim is to get us more organised and become more effective at solving important issues that affect us all,” said one of the group’s members.

The group has been active in the city throughout the past few weeks, already completing a number of tasks which have greatly benefitted the community.

Extensive cleaning has taken place at Castle Street in the city such as removing weeds, sweeping up dirt and broken glass, reseeding grass etc.

In a great example of community collaboration, a number of local businesses have donated money and materials and joined in with the tasks which have been undertaken.

Waterford Task Force members pictured in front of the beautiful mural at Castle Street.

Waterford Task Force members pictured in front of the beautiful mural at Castle Street.

Local councillors have also supported the group along with individuals who have a genuine care for the area in which they live.

Following on from the Castle Street cleaning, a beautiful painting is being created on a wall in the area by local artist Roisin O’Shea with assistance from Waterford Task Force members.

“A task force was put together to paint the undercoat and Roisin then painted the scene. Several layers of colour have been put in each weekend and the detail is really starting to show now,” explained a Waterford Task Force member.

“It will add another dimension to the clean up job once completed and create a nice space for the people of the area and anyone passing through.”

The painting will depict a woodland scene outside the city wall and will include Irish wildlife and Strongbow and Aoife enjoying the nature around them.

Other tasks which have been carried out include cleaning up a weedy section on the top of Barrack Street and cleaning Beach Tower on Jenkins Lane.

After uncovering an area deemed suitable for planting in this vicinity, plans are already in place to build a rockery.

A group of enthusiastic Waterford Task Force members.

A group of enthusiastic Waterford Task Force members.

But Waterford Task Force isn’t just about organising clean-up operations – the group aims to support any cause which will be of benefit to Waterford.

The group has lent its support to Waterford’s inclusion on the high-profile Wild Atlantic Way initiative.

“Failte Ireland has not included the Waterford coast in their Wild Atlantic Way driving route. We feel this is bad for Waterford so a petition was put together and it has almost 900 signatures,” a WTF volunteer explained.

“We will create a website and mailing list in the coming weeks. We want everyone with a bit of passion for the area to knock heads together on this one and unite and fight for the city and county.”

All involved with Waterford Task Force are keen to highlight that the group is open to co-operation and is not politically motivated.

“The beauty of the Waterford Task Force is that it is in no way political. We are just normal citizens that would rather be proactive than reactive. Our only agenda is to help where we can help,” said one member.

“We are not complaining about the council. In fact we want to work with the council for the betterment of the city. Waterford City and County Council are doing a great job and all we are doing is helping out and trying to make a difference. In fact, it is great to see that other organisations have taken to doing their bit too. The Waterford Business Group for example has been planting on the Quays and the ongoing work of the volunteers cleaning up St John’s River goes to show that there are many folks that have real pride in the place we call home.”

For more information, find Waterford Task Force on Facebook.

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