National lottery debacle

The National Lottery debacle last week over the top prizes being unavailable for scratch card holders was quite astonishing.We are surprised that they would blame a printing issue and say it was an error. It may be more serious than that.An investigation is needed with the regulator.Also in the contract it was stated that unpaid winnings are not going to clubs and charities but to be used as promotions for other draws.

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This seems unfair on charities. Many people buy lottery tickets to help charity.A report last week showed how difficult it is to win money. Sounds like you would be better off putting money on a horse or a greyhound and support local industry than buying a lottery ticket.
The whole episode requires more transparency on the current holder who bought it from the franchisee.

They bought it from the Government during the crisis and are now trying to maximise returns. The Troika and IMF insisted at the time of a sale of the franchisee.
We later learn that the austerity was overdone in Ireland.The aim of the original lottery was to raise money for sport and charity and is now a private money spinner. There is a proportion going to these causes but it is enough.The RTE Joe Duffy show had many callers on the issue where it was said that many scratch card buyers do it as part of a habit to help and maybe win something but the chances of winning are low probabilities.

Sinn Fein spokesman on finance Deputy Pearse Doherty wants a further investigation on the matter.The sale was wrong to put in private hands and we would have to agree. The writer here has rarely bought tickets as it is like another tax or habit like smoking and best avoided .
The integrity of the lottery system is open to questions says Simon Coveney and wants more details and we agree to get confidence resorted. Better to buy local club draws and help a club or charity directly by a donation. More clarity is needed and see if the lottery can be brought back to public ownership.

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