Shop local for Christmas

As we write this on Monday prior to Black Friday, we are looking at one of the biggest online shopping days of the year.Shoppers across the world are searching for value and variety in the run up to Christmas.
People need though to shop local and support local shops in Waterford and the south east with their purchases.
Surveys show that 40 per cent of online shopping in Ireland goes outside the country. This might change with Brexit and VAT in the next year.It is very important that local shops are supported and young people need to be encouraged to shop local and not abroad.It is too easy now for the youth to get a credit card and buy overseas.

Great crowds turned on for the switching on of the Christmas lights in Waterford City on Friday last. Photo: Noel Browne.

Great crowds turned on for the switching on of the Christmas lights in Waterford City on Friday last. Photo: Noel Browne.

But they need to realise the jobs situation here and how buying from the UK does not help, whether it be a big UK or American company.Price is not everything.Local traders do try and match on line prices and they can also send goods to friends and relations abroad.Trading Online is possible among some small businesses, locally.
The social aspect of shopping is good and should be prioritised than the online option we feel.
There was a great turnout last weekend for Winterval and with live music there was a buzz in the city.
The mild weather helped Waterford with Winterval has a festive appearance so do support it.
With next year uncertain with America having a new president and also a weak sterling, it is very important to help local stores, as they face uncertain times.We might be very much repeating the obvious, but we know that as a business we depend on local traders and their advertising and do encourage local traditions.
Local pride and seen to shop local is a positive thing for the community at large.

We would also encourage our readers to support our advertisers also in the coming weeks.
Out in Tramore they had a great craft market on Sunday at the Coastguard Station and Dungarvan was also busy on Saturday last when we passed through.Buying crafts is becoming more popular and allows local producers to benefit, the Waterford craft fair will start this week at Garter Lane, again worth supporting too.
Markets will get more popular as people like to meet people, which is nicer than shopping on line.
Let us hope the weather is kind for Winterval and not too much rain as we had last year.

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