No Room for Reason in the Suarez Debate

Sergio Ramos has been sent off 19 times in his decorated career.

Sergio Ramos has been sent off 19 times in his decorated career.

First things first: Luis Suarez’s latest biting of an opponent was utterly, utterly deplorable. I wouldn’t even attempt to defend the actions of a player who appears to be a disciplinary time bomb primed to detonate every 12 to 14 months.

Clearly, Suarez needs to get his head straight when it comes to his football, and considering how good a player he is, it’s a shame that he has once again blighted his reputation through his own stupid actions.

There’s been some typical short-sighted nonsense spouted on the social media about banning Suarez for life, replicated in the balderdash printed by some after Antonio Valencia’s dismissal against France last Wednesday.

Quite why everything has to descend into a Man United/ Liverpool debate when we’re talking about international football escapes me, but that’s a debate for another day.

Interestingly, during his time at Liverpool, Suarez has never been sent off, even if he’s not kept his nose clean, or more pointedly, his mouth shut, leading to bans that have deprived Liverpool of his services in 19 matches – and more now to follow of course.

But consider this: Real Madrid and Spain centre-back Sergio Ramos has been dismissed no less than 19 times while wearing the white jersey, the worst record in the distinguished history of the European champions.

So Ramos is, in statistical terms, guilty of a great deal more disciplinary lapses than Suarez, yet I’ve never seen anyone calling for the Spaniard to be despatched to football’s ‘phantom zone’.

Why not? Sure, he’s not bitten anyone, but is Ramos merely a different type of sporting serial offender to Suarez?

Reason, of course, rarely comes into debate between football fans, especially among those blinded by myopic devotion. And that, alas, shall not change.

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