Q&A with Blues’ forward Karl Bermingham

Karl Bermingham

Karl Bermingham

On Friday Q&A grabbed a quick word with Karl Bermingham after the win over Wexford Youths. Karl joined the Blues last season from Derry City, and the versatile striker has added an extra dimension to Gareth Cronin’s attacking arsenal since his arrival. The genial Dubliner, who has also had a spell at Manchester City, can operate on the right flank as well as up front, and likes to run at opposing defences. Bermo’s name is already firmly in the record books for scoring the first goal of the current season in either division, as he showed off that ability to great effect, striding forward onto a Paul McCarthy lay-off before curling it into the far corner of the Wexford Youths net with the season less than five minutes old.


Date of Birth: 6th Oct 1985

Home Town: Clondalkin

Position: Forward

Preferred Foot: Right

Last Club: Derry City

What was the first club you played for? Woods United

Who was your boyhood hero? Roy Keane

Who are the biggest influences on your career? My parents

If money was no object which eircom League player would you like to see join the Blues? Pat McCourt (Derry City)

Who would you consider your toughest opponent in the League? Jason Gavin (Drogheda United)

What’s your favourite eircom League ground? Tolka Park (Shelbourne/Shamrock Rvs)

All-Ireland League, yes or no? Yes

Who’s currently the world’s best player, in your view? Lionel Messi

Which person(s) in the world do you most admire, and why? Luke Fitzpatrick!

Have you a nickname? Bermo

Any pre-match rituals or superstitions? No

What’s your favourite kind of music? Any

Who was the last CD you bought by? Britney Spears (it was for my sister!)

Who in the squad has the worst taste in music? John Hayes

What was the last film you saw? In Bruges

Favourite holiday destination? Courtown

Who’s the sharpest dresser in the squad? Michael Foley

And the worst? Stephen Quigley (pink Timberland t-shirt is awful!)

Who’s the biggest moaner? Vinnie Sullivan

What make of car do you drive? Peugeot 206

What car would you like to drive? Aston Martin

Who in the squad drives the worst car? Packie Holden’s van

And finally, if you could change one rule in football, what would it be? No sendings off

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