Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane speaks to the press after the match

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane speaks to the press after the match

Looking back to previous weekend we were lucky to get a ticket for the Champions league final, we carried a colour article last week.
Due to pressure of space game the review is here now, probably the best match we have seen live in last decade or two.
The classic Euro Champions League Final billing lived up to expectations
Ronaldo delivered again two class goals and despite the strong Juventus defence, whose goal concessions were averaging just a goal a game up to the final, were smashed by Real Madrid power play in the second half.
Ronaldo was so thrilled afterwards that he said he felt like a young boy again, winning man of the match and getting a prize from his former manager Sir Alex Ferguson.
The first half was arguably one of the best ever in the modern Champions League and one could nearly say that you die happy having seen.
The Juventus volley goal from Mandzukic from Croatia was the goal of the season for me and for others I spoke with after the game.
Ronaldo had broken the deadlock between the teams after 20 minutes after a fast breakaway and a one two pass with Carvajal.
But the Manzsukic overhead volley from a chested down volley pass by Higuain from Argentina, who chested the ball onto his foot to pass a volley to the goal scorer after a nice pass by Sandro the Brazilian.
It was certainly international and a South American quality soccer movement. It reminded one of the great Brazil teams of the 70’s and 80s.
We were thrilled at half time and still expected a possible surprise Juventus win, but Real coach Zidane, a former Juventus player who played in the 1998 final had other ideas.
Real turned the pressure on as, he said, to the press afterwards.
He revealed how he got the Real players to up the tempo, they hit with some hard tackles.
This led to angry Juve players getting yellow cards.
Luka Modric, the other Croat from Real Madrid began to dictate the game with the German Kroos, ex Bayern player and Marcello from Brazil.
Juventus were on the back foot though in the second half, but a breakthrough finally came from a long range shot by Casemiro of Brazil.
This followed a strike by Kroos that rebounded back to Brazilian Casemiro, who also played very well.
The 61st minute goal was deflected in off Juventus defender Khedira , former German international and Bayern Munich player.
In response Juventus could not raise their game like in the first half. Luka Modric would dictate more and more squeezing in a great cross to the fast on rushing Ronaldo to make it 3-1 on 64 minutes. The game was now beyond Juventus, their fans started to cry and leave, some even started smoking in the stadium, they were so perturbed, but stewards did not intervene.
Asensio would complete the drubbing in the last minute and herald a third champions league triumph in four seasons for magnificent Real Madrid, who defeated fellow Madrid team Atletico in the semi-final.
Welshman Gareth Bale from Cardiff, came on as sub in his home town after a recent injury, but the hard work had already been done at 3-1.
We felt so privileged to be at the game.
Juventus manager, Allegri, admitted that in the second half they could not raise the game to Real levels.

Zidane, told the press after modestly that he was very happy and how Real had spectacular mobility with first touch football in a lively tempo and make the game be played in the opposition half of the field.
It was true football exhibition said Zidane and was an historic day for Madrid. The team under captain Sergio Ramos had unity of purpose.
There was great positivity, afterwards players brought onto the pitch in almost GAA after match style. Ronaldo was there at the press conference with his child and partner.
Ronaldo mentioned the fantastic team and how Real had to run the game at a harder level to overcome the strong Juventus defence.
His goal tally of 100 Champions league goals is breaking all records, from this game he added two more.
Zidane did not play him in all games during the season and made sure he was on top form for this one and achieve the ultimate win.
He again must be footballer of the year.
More mature than his Manchester United days, he was a revelation, his speed in getting the first goal on the break and again in the second half showed his fitness despite his age of 32 years.
Zidane as a manager had his second Champions League trophy, a mild shy manager, he has the respect of the cream of world players and gets the results.
A remarkable 4-1 match result, where Juventus had conceded so little in the run up to the final with goalie Buffon having clean sheets.
The crowd went home happy and at the end, great to see player family and their children celebrate.
We would learn after of the terrible tragedy in London , just an hour later. Good security in Cardiff however.

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