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Visionary talk at TSSG’s first Industry Open Day

Tracey Browne and Christine O'Meara of WIT trying out the Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality Headset, also pictured is David Whelan of Immersive VR Education at the TSSG Open Day  								| Photo: Patrick Browne
A FUTURISTIC tech start-up supported by Waterford Institute of Technology’s globally renowned Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) is facing into a landmark year and is launching its first virtual reality experience to the market shortly. Immersive VR Education confirmed it will bring its Apollo 11 moonlanding Virtual Reality (VR) experiences to market this year and [...]

“Smart City” Dream

Thinking big: Tech Mahindra's Aashish Washikar.
A potential link-up between Butlerstown-based IT company Tech Mahindra and WIT’s telecommunications wing could lead to the creation of a ‘Smart City’ digital business roll-out in Waterford. Waterford would be the ideal sized urban centre for an initiative which one of the city’s newest [...]