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No, wait…

Video still from ‘Done / Undone’ by John Conway.
No, wait…, the first solo exhibition of John Conway, artist in residence with the Waterford Healing Arts Trust (WHAT) will be launched in University Hospital Waterford (UHW) on Thursday, 5th March. John Conway is an Irish visual artist and curator. His work has been exhibited and performed in Ireland, Poland, Germany, Romania, Iceland and the United [...]

Musical Dance

Marley Irish, with some of her paintings.
Musical Dance is an exhibition of paintings by Marley Irish which is on view at University Hospital Waterford throughout January and February as part of the Waterford Healing Arts Trust’s Staff Art Wall. Marley Irish has dedicated the past 31 years to the nursing profession. She has worked in all areas of University Hospital Waterford and, [...]

Healing Sounds

Donna Roche
The Waterford Healing Arts Trust will host soprano Donna Roche in the foyer of University Hospital Waterford on Tuesday, 20th January at 1:30 pm as part of its Healing Sounds programme which is funded by the Arts Council. Donna’s musical journey began locally before embarking onto the professional stages of both home and abroad. She [...]