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Waterford City was founded back in 850 and since those viking days their people have been slowly disappearing. Thousands of local citizens have been lured away by an unaccountable force appealing to their nomadic nature. We fear they may be living as aliens in other countries – from Las Vegas to Las Palmas, Coronation Street to Coronation Isle, Manitoba to Manila.

They can be identified in several ways, They:

  • have flour residue on their lips from a daily blaa.
  • always holding a large bottle of Guinness.
  • greet others by saying “well . . .”


If you know of any of these people (or are one yourself) we want to hear from them. Have anyone FORMERLY from Waterford or its surrounding area fill out the form below and we’ll will post it on our X-Waterford Files Notice Board. There, friends and family can track down their “dearly departed”.

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