Eoghan Dalton Reports
A Chinse student is in self-isolation in Waterford having travelled from Wuhan to Ireland last weekend, amid fears he has the coronavirus virus. The man, who studies at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), left Wuhan before the city was placed in lock down but has been isolated as a “precautionary measure”.”A student arrived in Waterford on Sunday having left Wuhan some days ago before the city was closed,” WIT said in a statement.”He is not ill and as a precaution he has agreed not to attend college and stay in his accommodation by himself for the time being.”
WIT said that it has consulted with the HSE and is being guided by them.
The HSE confirmed it is aware of the situation: “The HSE’s Public Health Dept. in the South East is aware of the situation and is working closely with Waterford Institute of Technology.”
The death toll in China has risen to 80 with almost 2,800 people affected across China and elsewhere.
According to international media, those who have fallen ill are reported to initially suffer coughs, fever and breathing difficulties. Most of the people who have died from the disease are older or have underlying health conditions.
Whiskey, Netflix and noodles
One Waterford man in Wuhan planned to bunker down for the city’s lockdown by stocking up on food and alcohol, as reported by the Evening Standard.
Conor de Valera (23) likened the curfew to the post-apocalyptic film ’28 Days Later’: “It’s pretty hectic. Shopping centres are packed – it’s like one last rush to get everything.”
“I will not be leaving the house for maybe a week or so,” he added. “I’ve got 24 cans, a bottle of whiskey, a naggin of Baijo, 30 litres of water, ten packs of instant noodles and fresh fruit and vitamins.