The Ard Rí Hotel has been added to Waterford City Council’s Derelict Sites Register, as public clamour grows for the once splendid facility to be demolished.
City Manager Michael Walsh, who will address Councillors on the issue at next Monday night’s meeting of Waterford City Council, is to “pursue all avenues to have the owners carry out necessary works”.
Mr Walsh stated: “If the owners of the Ard Rí site fail to undertake the works specified with an appropriate time, the City Council will carry out the work and seek to recover the costs from the owners.”
The owners – TRM Developments, told The Munster Express this week that it remains committed to developing the site.
A TRM source said the company remains angry with the City Council and Kilkenny County Council’s decision to reject its planning application for the site last year.
However, given the economic downturn, it appears unlikely that TRM will be in a position to do anything substantial with the site any time soon. But it has confirmed that it will do what it can to ward off vandals who have already destroyed the hotel’s interior.
“The Ard Rí has now become a blot on the landscape,” said Michael Walsh, echoing a sentiment expressed by several City Councillors this week.
“I am calling on the owner of the site to comply with any enforcement order and carry out the necessary work,” said Sinn Féin Councillor David Cullinane.
“Other site owners need to sit up and take notice and recognise that City Council will not tolerate derelict sites. I am confident that this instrument can and will be used again if other site owners do not get their house in order.”
See The Munster Express newspaper for full story.