Nothing is sacred. Everybody knows that ancient Ballybricken is full of ghosts and ghouls and now they are to be disturbed from their slumber and wanderings on Halloween (All Hallows Eve), Sunday, October 31st, the night when, according to tradition, spirits from the Underworld are permitted to roam free.

Of course, not all the ghosts and ghouls on Ballybricken are actually dead but, for those that are, the night won’t be the usual craic of haunting houses and frightening people on their way home from pubs. This All Hallows Eve it will be the ghosts who will be hunted and harassed thanks to no less than eight ‘Stones’n’Bones’ tours that will set off from Ballybricken on the night.

The tours are being organized by the Ballybricken Heritage and Arts Programme with some serious assistance from Spraoi. Each tour will be an eerie walk and stroll (some of the time it might be safer to run) through the historic hill and its surrounding streets and participants will be told of the dark, gruesome and

ghoulish tales etched in the walls and streets of our thousand-year-old city.

The organisers warn that the tours are not for the faint-hearted and neither are they suitable for children under the age of twelve years. Each tour will last one-and-a-half hours and they will depart Ballybricken Bandstand at 20-minute intervals from 6.30 onwards. There is no charge but booking is essential so please contact Kay at 089-4420887.

Editor’s Note: As we have on-going problems of our own with contrary and argumentative ghosts on the Quay, we cannot accept responsibility for any blackguarding engaged in by mischievous Ballybricken ghosts on the night.