Burglars made off with a small amount of cash after gaining entry to the home of Tramore Town Council at Tankfield in the early hours of Friday morning.
Damage was caused to one exterior door as well as a number of interior doors at the Civic Offices.
Administrative Officer Jack Lillis said the incident caused huge disruption as the offices had to close on Friday.
“It was very disruptive for us and our customers,” he said.
“The last Friday of the month is particularly busy with motor tax. As a consequence of the episode, we didn’t have access to the system for dealing with motor tax,” he explained.
It seems the break-in was a sophisticated operation, as the building’s communication system was severed before entry was gained.
A manhole cover had been lifted outside the building where the communication system was accessed.
Telephone lines were cut as was the alarm system, which was therefore unable to exhibit a warning signal.
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