A frustrated Cllr Davy Walsh complained this week that he had been agitating for twenty years for something to be done about “deadly dangerous” Abbey Road in Ferrybank, without success.

He raised the issue again with the City Council discussed its capital programme at their March meeting at Monday night and claimed that City Manager Michael Walsh had given a commitment on the matter.

But that was vehemently denied by the Manager who said the roads programme was carried out in accordance with a plan agreed by Council. Begging to differ with the councillor’s claim, he defied any member to say they had heard him make such a promise.

Cllr Walsh said the road was no longer “secondary”, but catered for a huge volume of traffic. He challenged anyone to walk it in safety. “You would be taking your life in your hands and there will be a serious accident”, he warned, highlighting the need for widening so that it could cope with the heavy vehicular traffic it was required to take.

Only €50,000 was set aside in the capital programme for the road and that was totally insufficient, he said.

Cllr Pat Hayes said he agreed with Cllr Walsh’s sentiments, but challenged him to support the book of financial estimates at year’s end if it provided for the work to be done.

Cllr Walsh has been opposing the estimates annually on the basis that, in the form of service charges, people were being asked to pay double taxation.


Cllr Davy Daniels enquired about the absence of reference to work planned for road junctions at Ballygunner and Booterstown/Farronleigh. He was told by Senior Executive Officer Fergus Galvin that matters were in hand in relation to those projects. They were at tender and planning stage, respectively.